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Our Portfolio

The Portfolio presents all courses in our comprehensive offering for knowledge amplification that supports your Lean-Agile transformation.  Together with our business partner, Scaled Agile Inc, we offer the entire range of SAFe certifications. In addition to the SAFe training, we also provide Scrum training based on the official Scrum guide. We are always up to date with the latest developments!


Sometimes we arrange for public and free Webinars. A Webinar focuses on a popular subject, and we often engage an external thought leader to give a presentation of extra depth. You can find Webinar events as special portfolio items called “Webinars” or under Course Schedule.

Quality or price

Especially after the pandemic, many training providers compete on price. We advise you to not only look at the price when evaluating the market. Behind each course, there are hundreds of hours of preparation. Our long experience in Lean-Agile transformation means we always welcome discussions and can always provide competent answers during and after training events. We hope to deliver the best possible learning experience, and we always welcome feedback. Relentless improvements are what we teach and what we do.

Course descriptions and schedule

When you click any of the offered items above, you will get a detailed description of the content and scheduled dates. We hope the provided information will help you select the best option for you. In many cases, we run in-house training with advantages such as customization and a more favorable price. If you would like to have more information about custom offerings, do not hesitate to fill in the form below and drop us a line. We are eager to help!

General information

You can find more information about our training offer and how we can support your transformation on the main BDD Academy page.