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We are prepared to put our skin in the game

The Value Proposition of BDD goes beyond Business-To-Business and of selling consultant services. Based on our confidence that all organizations have the potential to improve and prosper, BDD is offering a partnership in value creation that aims at continuously accelerating your business.

With our knowledge of Product Development and Leadership, we can support you in getting the right products out in time. We are so confident that we are willing to take part in the risk of not succeeding. However, we expect you to reach your objectives, and as compensation, BDD will receive an agreed share of the value created.

BDD’s contribution is to provide knowledge and guidance, and your responsibility will be to utilize the knowledge and take action. We will Not make an analysis, give you advice and then ask you to implement a one-time change. Instead, we will support you in developing a culture of continuous acceleration of your business. Modern business development is all about quick and fact-based decisions that take you to the next step.

This offer is an overall complement to BDD Academy, Coaching, and other services that we usually get paid for when the work is done.

Your extended system

extended value stream

Systems thinking is a way to understand all parts of a value chain. Each component is part of the value creation, and its contribution should be defined and known, at least by the counterparts involved in an interface. Unfortunately, components outside the internal system, often called suppliers, are seen as merely costs without connection to the result.

We look at ourselves as a vital part of your system, a component that can increase your ability to deliver better and faster. It also means that we should be removed from the system when an agreed contribution to your business is absent.

Once systems thinking has been accepted as a driver, it may not be that difficult. The benefits can be huge, and everybody wins. You will see the largest gains when you, in your turn, can show your customers that your organization is part of their system.

We need a working model

Experience from previous partnerships has made it clear that besides mutual business objectives, we must also agree on a principle working model. BDD is convinced that a Lean-Agile mindset, including transformational leadership, optimizing flow, and continuous improvements, are essential for achieving business results.

This partnership is not only about making one initial organizational change; it is about continuously accelerating business by sustained improvements. We need to have the same view on the target state and accept that greatness doesn’t come overnight. Otherwise, any partnership will not fly. The bottom line is mutual trust and face-to-face meetings.

You can find more details of the working model in an existing Partnership Agreement.


We like you to continuously accelerating your business. A partnership, compared to a traditional customer-supplier relation, gives some immediate advantages:

  • A joint definition of business objectives must drive all efforts. Without the business objectives, there is no base for the partnership.
  • Business metrics get done. Part of our agreement is to do the necessary homework of gathering and compile data and present results.
  • Clear responsibilities will involve the right people. When the right people are engaged from the beginning, they will form the transformation and take ownership.
  • No significant upfront investment and binding contract are needed. BDD will work step by step on a transparent cost price model.
  • You get an early assessment and benchmark compared to established business practices.

Accelerating Business in practice

When engaging in a partnership both parties need to engage in setting a working agreement including expectations, responsibilities, and protocols. We typically will undertake the following activities in close collaboration with you:

  • Open space (To involve all personnel in value creation)
  • Individual interviews (To get to know your organization)
  • Impact mapping (To define the most important stakeholders and their needs)
  • Introduce a transformation backlog (To control the flow of change management)
  • Explore your Why (To understand the foundation of your business)
  • Vision and mission workshops (To understand the long term direction)
  • Goal workshops (To understand mid-term directions)
  • Innovation games (To understand customers and problems connected to the creation of innovative products)
  • Create Business Model and Value Proposition canvases (Understand customer need and your delivery)
  • Portfolio management (Get on top of your current, next, and future customer offerings)
  • Knowledge and inspiration workshops (Customised knowledge injection to get align around theory and practice)
  • Book circles (To support a habit of continual and collective learning)
  • Setting up a metrics framework (To reduce the work effort of continuously collect, analyst and present data)
  • Organizational design (Defining your value streams, operational and developing units and responsibilities)
  • Leadership and team-building retreats (To create an environment of trust and productivity)
  • And much more that will ensure business acceleration on your terms.

Our Actionable Training for Portfolio Management and Product Management, are well-defined examples that inject knowledge and can also serve as a starting point in the partnership.