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Business Driven Development

Agile Transformation, Leadership, Facilitation, and Training

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Business Driven Development, BDD, helps your organization to get valuable results in terms of business development and innovation. No matter what situation you are currently facing, we can assist you with means for fast and continuous delivery of business value.

​All coworkers of BDD are senior consultants with long experience as leaders of Business and Product Development. We are represented in Sweden, Germany, India, and Singapore.

We are what we do

Business Driven Development, BDD, stands for long-term and sustainable value. While we rely on Lean-Agile principles for guidance, our primary focus is customer needs and the value created. We are purpose-driven – with a big heart and large integrity.

Our long experience in Business Development is the base for creating the confidence needed for our services. With the most experienced SAFe Program Consultants (SPC) in Scandinavia and an SPCT Gold Partnership with Scaled Agile, we can take on any challenge as your transformation partner. Measurements towards growth and excellence are objective indicators we always help clients set up and put to action.

BDD Academy is our service to support any organization or individual to gain valuable knowledge and, in many cases, a certification. We offer open, in-house, and customized training. You are welcome with any inquiry, and no assignment is too small or too large!

Welcome to Business Driven Development!


An agile transformation is an act of transforming an organization's form or mature gradually to one that can embrace and thrive in a flexible, collaborative, self-organizing, fast-changing environment.


If you want to transform your business into a successful Lean Enterprise - Training your people is a critical success factor.


When you invest in a new product or launch a new program, you need effective leadership to make sure you meet your business goals. Regardless of your situation and needs, we can provide the support.


Inefficient meetings are a major concern when you ask people in any organization at any level. People feel their time is wasted and creativity is absent. The Business Case for proper facilitation is easily secured.

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Business Agility conference in Vietnam
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