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As SAFe Fellow and SPCT and experienced trainers in the Business Agility community, Carl Starendal and Ola Gedenryd, had the privilege of leading a Innovative Hybrid Implementing SAFe training course in Singapore this past November. We’re excited to share our experience with this innovative approach to training, which we believe sets a new standard in the Business Agility world.

Our goal was to create a truly hybrid learning environment, one that catered equally to both in-person and online attendees. We had a group of participants join us on-site in Singapore, where we focused on a highly interactive, Agile in-person class. This meant no laptops; instead, we used flip charts, post-its, and drawings to facilitate learning. This hands-on approach allowed us to engage closely with the attendees, creating a dynamic and participatory atmosphere that’s often hard to replicate in traditional training settings.

Simultaneously, we had another group of participants from all over Asia, including Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia, joining us online. We ensured that these remote attendees had an equally immersive experience. One of us was dedicated solely to be the trainer for the online group, ensuring constant engagement and interaction. This setup was crucial in ensuring that neither group felt secondary to the other – a common challenge in many hybrid models.

The diversity of our attendees’ locations highlighted the effectiveness of this hybrid model. It allowed participants who preferred or needed to stay remote to have the same quality of learning as those who could join in person.

A key aspect of this course was its practical application for SPCs. We wanted our attendees to learn how to operate effectively in both online and in-person environments. Traditional courses often focus on one format, but our hybrid model provided insights into managing and facilitating in both settings and across online and in-room teams. This skill is increasingly essential in today’s diverse and flexible work environments.

To achieve this true hybrid experience, we embraced new pedagogical approaches and invested in the latest technology, including the latest in-room 360 cameras and surround sound techniques. These innovations helped us integrate the in-person and online experiences seamlessly, enhancing the overall learning quality.

The feedback from this course was very positive. We achieved a 100% Net Promoter Score (NPS) and a perfect 5.0 in teacher score. This has inspired us to offer this Innovative Hybrid Implementing SAFe training again, and we are thrilled to announce the next session scheduled for March 25-28, 2024, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam! Registration here:


We believe this course is a must-attend for anyone looking to stay ahead in the Business Agility field. The unique blend of hands-on learning, innovative teaching methods, and cutting-edge technology offers an unmatched educational experience. 

We’re looking forward to sharing this journey with more participants and continuing to push the boundaries of Business Agility training. Join us in Singapore or on-line for this transformative experience!

We also want to thank Madanjit Singh at Scaled Agile for his great hospitality to invite the attendees to the famous Singapore Cricket club – a great evening and memory for everyone.

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