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Business Agility Training and Meetup in Warsaw first week of February 2024.

We are delighted to present a Hybrid Implementing SAFe training in Warsaw on February 05-08, 2024, together with a Meetup in Business Agility on February 06. The Training and Meetup are run in collaboration with Sii Poland and Oskar Kawecki.

Registration for Meetup here: Registration link

Registration for Implementing SAFe here: Registration link

Discover the Art of Organizing Around Value – Both In-Person and Online!

Join us for a unique hybrid evening exploring a key principle of Business Agility: Organizing Around Value. Whether you’re with us in Warsaw or joining online, our state-of-the-art hybrid meeting techniques ensure an engaging and interactive experience for all attendees.

Why is Organizing Around Value Essential?

Based on studies, more than 70% of digital transformations do not succeed. Navigating a rapid, intricate, and fiercely competitive landscape in any sector or company poses significant challenges. Being adaptable and responsive in the face of continuous changes is no longer a choice; it has become an essential survival skill.
To achieve Business Agility, enterprises must rapidly increase their ability to deliver innovative products and services that delight their customers faster than the competition.

Forget about the classic project management triangle. Clients don’t buy projects. Clients buy products. To be sure that the enterprise is creating the right solutions for the right customers at the right time, we must balance our execution focus with a customer focus.

How we think about our customers and products must change rapidly to survive the next ten years. The best way to do this is by organizing around value, moving from producing more solutions, features, and capabilities to enabling favorable customer and business outcomes.

Key Topics:

  • Success Patterns of Value Stream and ART Identification: Strategies and patterns for effectively identifying Value Streams and ARTs. We will address your concerns if your Value Stream and ART are set up correctly.
  • Continuous Delivery and Architecture: The synergy between Value Streams, Architecture, and Continuous Delivery Pipelines.
  • Strategy and Leadership: Connecting the portfolio to the value streams instead of the cost centers has a positive impact.
  • Accelerating Value Flow: Insights on how the above enhances the flow of value within your organization and creates a thriving company.
  • Metrics: Measuring what matters and making data-driven decisions with Flow Metrics.

The meetup will deliver a meaningful understanding of organizing around value based on our experience and bring real-life stories into the talk. Join us at the Q&A session so we can share learnings and insights from each other.

Hybrid Event Format: Engaging & Interactive

  • In-Person Experience: Join us in Warsaw for live interactions, networking, and a hands-on learning atmosphere.
  • Online Participation: Engage from anywhere in the world with our interactive online platform, ensuring you’re a part of the conversation, regardless of location.

Who Should Attend?

  • Business Leaders and Executives
  • Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, RTEs, Architects, Product managers, Product owners, Business Owners
  • IT Professionals and Project Managers
  • Anyone interested in Business agility and value creation

Don’t Miss This Transformative Experience!

This meetup offers invaluable insights into effectively organizing around value, aligning strategies, and boosting organizational value flow.

Reserve Your Spot Now – In-Person or Online!

Limited seats are available for in-person attendance. Unlimited online access. Join us in revolutionizing business agility.

Connect, Learn, and Transform

Whether you’re with us in Warsaw or online, embrace the journey towards unparalleled business agility.

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