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Facilitation is essential to make any event productive. The best facilitation is accomplished when the facilitator is independent of the subject and can focus on conducting a great discussion.

All BDD coaches are experienced facilitators. We have facilitated thousands of workshops, and we have the tools that will make your meeting fly.

We are many times involved in facilitating unique workshops on any creative or problem-solving subject such as Innovation, Design, or Team building. The most common situation is when we facilitate workshops on a more regular basis within a coaching assignment.


Core practice

Facilitation is a core practice for Scrum Masters at any organizational level. All events should have a clear purpose, agenda, exercises, and are often time-boxed. We frequently coach events like Sprint planning, Retrospective, Risk analysis, or PI-planning when a Scrum Master or Release Train Engineer needs assistance.

Regardless of the meeting type, it is vital to preserve energy and engagement. It is hard to achieve any creative results if a few people feel tired, bored, or uncommitted in a meeting. We use energizers, breaks, breakouts, games, and many other techniques to engage people.

No one wants to attend another  Blah, Blah, Blah meeting and you should make sure it does not happen in your organization. Do contact us if you need ideas on how to plan your workshop! We are always willing to guide you.

Trust the facilitator

The facilitator needs to have the authority for the process in the meeting and should be as independent as possible with regard to the subject. Workshops and events are in most cases timeboxed and you should trust that the facilitator comes to the meeting properly prepared. Do not question how activities are conducted, but follow instructions and you will have good enough result in the end of the meeting.