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About Business Driven Development (BDD)

Business Driven Development (BDD), helps your organization to get valuable results in terms of business development and innovation. No matter what situation you are currently facing, we can assist you with means for fast and continuous delivery of business value.

BDD is a group of senior consultants with long experience as leaders of business and product development. We utilize a vast network of subcontractors working under the BDD trademark.

We have profound competence and passion for agile methods. We are educated and certified within SCRUM, LeSS, and SAFe. We continuously invest between 5-10 percent of annual turnover for developing our skills even further, and we always strive to be at a front position regarding skills and competence.

Our consultants have between ten and thirty years of experience in the business and IT development industry with an emphasis on agile methods. A specialist skill area is the upscaling of Agile methodologies. We have successfully worked in large international implementations for over ten years. We truly believe that in a fast-moving world, a fast-paced and innovative agile environment is often the difference between success or downfall for many businesses – “Innovate or Die” has become the normal state.

Our customers are typically larger organizations that need help with both operational and leading roles in agile methods, as well as coaching and training at an organizational level for the transformation of the business into sustainable agile work practices.

For an Agile transformation of companies into an agile way of working, we are often utilizing SAFe as a framework and guiding principles. BDD is an SPCT Gold Partner to the company Scaled Agile Inc. (owners of SAFe), and we have trained thousands of leaders and team members in SAFe. All consultants of BDD have taken SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) and Release Train Engineer (RTE) training/certifications. We work with change on the management level, helping organizations and individuals to become agile in everyday work. In this journey, a great deal of emphasis is put on change management with the business and the employees as a starting point. In this situation, for example, “Kotter’s principles” can guide a successful change. We also have substantial experience in operational roles such as Product Owner, Scrum Master, and RTE.

Our approach is to “do what we are called.” i.e., the business must always be the driver of development. It may sound like a “given statement.” Still, many times, it’s proven difficult to keep the focus on the actual needs of the business instead of being somewhat “misled” and driven by technology trends or by different IT vendor practices, products, and processes.

BDD in short:

  • Strong leadership and coaching of individuals in agile principles and values
  • Fast and continuous delivery of results
  • Self-organizing teams with a high ability to deliver in an innovative environment
  • Responsibility for the clients organizational understanding, participation, and support
  • Take responsibility for a positive journey of change and improvements with respect for people and culture

The following services are the main parts of our offering:

We put people at the center, and together we create fast and continuous business value.