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Use it, or you lose it

How we learn has, for long, been a significant interest for humans. Already the ancient cultures understood that systematic training creates a better result, and the Romans coined the proverb “Repetition is the mother of learning.

More than a hundred years ago, when Hermann Ebbinghaus discovered the Learning and Forgetting Curves, it became clear why it is necessary to continuously repeat when you want to acquire a lasting skill. Without repetition, knowledge will vanish.

We can see the power of repetition everywhere in Lean and Agile, where Plan-Do-Check-Act and Iterations are central to all improvements. Any training from BDD includes repetitive elements, and we always encourage participants to a dialogue where subjects may be viewed from different perspectives. After each course event, we reach out to all participants with supplementary material and open up for any outstanding questions.

Your engagement is key to learning

BDD, and also Scaled Agile, adopts Training from the back of the room, which is built on the 4 Cs; Connect, Concepts, Concrete, and Conclusion.

In practice, it means that all course modules and an entire course, are built on these elements that ensure engagement and learning.​

The result does not come during the training

When someone attends a course, in any subject, a big part of the learning, and the result comes after the event when participants have the opportunity to use what they learned. The Kirkpatrick Learning Model describes the four steps that should be evaluated to understand the impact of training.

The majority of our classes come with an opportunity to get certified. The certification includes the training but also an exam test. The studies to achieve certification is a great opportunity to repeat and a powerful way to acquire more knowledge. To further adhere to the Kirkpatrick Learning Model, whenever possible, BDD offers a coaching session some months after the course event. In this session, we also ask students to answer an ​after-training evaluation.

In some situations, live events are not possible, and online communication may be a compensating opportunity. We have developed a concept for Blended learning, which is also well suited before and after training contacts.

Learning path to become a certified SAFe professional

In close collaboration with Scaled Agile, we provide the entire range of training for becoming a SAFe professional and making yourself competitive in a modern working environment.

BDD will be your best and most valuable choice

Our learning concepts and experience melt together into a fun and valuable training experience. Read more about our current offerings of both in-house and open course events at BDD Academy.

In addition to BDD Academy, training is also a natural ingredient in our Accelerating Business service. The concept of Actionable Training has a focus on your collective knowledge and includes hands-on development in your environment. Actionable Product Management may be the best example.