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Insights from the Business Agility Conference: Shifting the Focus for Vietnam’s Competitive Edge, Lean Leadership is crucial



As a speaker at Business Agility Conference in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City), I was privileged to share insights on an important issue plaguing organizations today.

It became apparent that many businesses in Vietnam are fixated solely on team agility and siloed agile practices within IT. This article aims to shed light on the urgent need for a paradigm shift toward embracing business agility to ensure Vietnam’s competitiveness in the future.

Learnings Business Agility in Vietnam

The conference experience unveiled a concerning trend: organizations in Vietnam are not fully embracing the concept of business agility. While team agility and agile practices within IT have gained traction, they represent only a fraction of the potential benefits a comprehensive business agility mindset can offer.

To secure Vietnam’s competitive edge in the future, organizations must recognize the significance of breaking free from silos and fostering a culture of agility across all aspects of their operations. It is crucial to align teams, departments, and leadership towards shared objectives, enabling swift adaptation, innovation, and response to the evolving business landscape.

As a speaker, I emphasized the pivotal role of leadership in driving business agility. Leaders must spearhead the change by creating an environment encouraging collaboration, experimentation, and continuous learning. Organizations can empower teams to make autonomous decisions and drive transformative change by transitioning from traditional hierarchical structures to agile leadership models. I also introduced the six-step approach to be led by Lean Leadership.

Embracing business agility unlocks organizations’ collective intelligence and creativity, enhancing responsiveness to customer needs, accelerating time-to-market, and surpassing competitors in the dynamic global marketplace.

Conclusion Business Agility in Vietnam

My participation as a speaker at Business Agility Conference in Vietnam was an eye-opening experience. It underscored the urgency for organizations in Vietnam to shift their focus from team agility and siloed practices within IT to embracing business agility holistically. Doing so can position Vietnam at the forefront of competitiveness, fostering a future where adaptability, innovation, and sustained growth thrive. It is time to act decisively and propel Vietnam towards a prosperous future in the global business arena.

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