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Siloed Agile versus Business Agility

Keynote presentation

On March 8, our SPCT Ola Gedenryd was invited to a keynote and panel discussion around Business Agility in Singapore. The topic was around Siloed Agile versus Business Agility, i.e., why are so many organizations failing to reach wished business outcomes in their Agile Transformations? However, they make a lot of investments in Agile processes like Scrum and Kanban. The main message was to stop seeing projects and focus on Customers, Value Streams, and Products.

Lean Thinking

The Webinar did address Lean Thinking, how to accelerate the flow, and connect it to Value Stream management and Business Agility. During the panel discussion, there were a lot of insightful reflections on differences in  Leadership mindsets around the globe, the Sense of urgency to change, and how to calculate the Business Value of realizing Business opportunities in months instead of years. Below, you will find the presentation of the webinar.


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