ITIL for Agile Teams

ITIL for Agile teams

Succeeding with Change and Growth through the proper use of IT

For Agile teams responsible for developing IT solutions, best practices for IT service management can strongly contribute to an optimal result.

ITIL® is a library that helps individuals and organizations succeed in business change and growth by using IT properly. However, the knowledge and implementation of ITIL are often separated from the Agile teams, which are responsible for the entire lifecycle. This course combines the strengths of Lean-Agile frameworks such as Scrum and DevOps with the ITIL® Framework.


A two-day training for those who work, or will soon work, in IT-intensive businesses. The purpose is to clarify how different frameworks’ responsibilities and techniques can be utilized with a Lean-Agile mindset. It is crucial not to get stuck in arguments about rules and word meaning but to find the way forward through common sense.

The course complements training that focuses in-depth on a specific framework and will instead show the common ground of popular frameworks aimed at improving businesses. The participants gain practical knowledge of the end-to-end development flow through examples and exercises.

Through the concept of “Training from the back of the room,” the participants will be involved in a learning process that creates insight and lasting knowledge. All course modules have been designed to include theory, practical exercise, dialogue, and reflection in accordance with our training concept.

In most organizations, the English concepts of the frameworks are used. Therefore, the course material is in English. We will speak English or Swedish during the course, depending on what we agree on in class.

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Learning goals

After the course, participants should have a solid understanding of how the team’s responsibility for the entire lifecycle of a solution can benefit from a combination of frameworks and:

  • Be able to select concepts that are most beneficial for a specific undertaking.
  • Understand the responsibilities inside and outside an Agile team.
  • Know how to design, distinguish, and support IT services in business, further producing improved productivity, performance, and competence.
  • Be able to sort and prioritize what is most valuable and allow work to get done more efficiently.

Target audience

The following individuals benefit from taking the course:

  • Team members, committed to being part of a successful IT delivery.
  • Lean-Agile leaders, responsible for teams in an IT delivery context.
  • IT professionals who are involved in improving productivity and cost efficiency.
  • People with knowledge of Scrum or ITIL who want to find a compelling combination.

Topics covered

The training covers team and organizational level responsibilities, including the following topics:

  • Background and origination
  • The most essential principles and their meaning
  • Roles, responsibilities, events, and activities
  • Development flow
  • Product backlog management
  • Service development, transition, and operations
  • DevOps and continuous delivery
  • Problem and Incident management


We recommend that you be familiar with either IT development or IT operations. Come prepared by reading the Scrum Guide and about IT Service Management.