Agile Scrum Product Owner

SCRUM for Product Owners

with Professional Scrum Product Owner certification

Value-focused Team Delivery

The Product Owner (PO) is ultimately responsible for the product, its development, life cycle, and value creation. As part of the Scrum team, trust and mandate are crucial for the product owner to succeed.

Scrum is the most well-known agile framework, used in product development all over the world.

About this course

This training strengthens you in your role by, for example, clarifying your powers, the responsibilities you have, how you define value, and how you communicate. We will go through your toolbox hands-on to help you maximize the value of your backlog.

There are two variants of the training:

  • Two full days on-site in classrooms with up to 25 students. Body language and facilitation are essential components of active learning.
  • Four half days at a distance with up to 20 students. We use Zoom for video meetings with group rooms and Microsoft SharePoint as a digital workspace. To ensure that the technology works, the participants are invited to a short meeting before the actual training starts.

Through the concept “Training from the back of the room,” the participants will be involved in a learning process that creates insight and lasting knowledge. All course modules have been designed to include theory, practical exercise, dialogue, and reflection in accordance with our training concept.

You will learn the basics to pass the Professional Scrum Product Owner 1 (PSPO1) certification. To be better prepared for the certification, the course material is in English. It is essential to know the English Scrum vocabulary. We speak English or Swedish depending on what we agree on in class.

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Target Audience

This course is aimed at you who are already – or are about to become – Product Owners.


You do not need any special prior knowledge, but an interest in the customer perspective is genuinely beneficial. Come prepared by downloading and reading the Scrum guide at, and feel free to test your knowledge in the Open assessments at

Learning goals

To take the accountability of a Product Owner, attendees should be able to:

  • Describe the accountabilities in Scrum 
  • Participate and take ownership in the Scrum events
  • Be prepared to invest in the teams Production capability
  • Setting goals and defining value
  • Manage the Product Backlog
  • Pass the assessment to become a Professional Scrum Product Owner I

Topics covered

We will go through Scrum’s activities and roles to ensure that everyone has the basic knowledge and has a consensus before further discussions.

  • What is the role (responsibility) of the product owner, and what characterizes a good product owner?
  • What challenges do you experience in product ownership?
    Who are you as a product owner? What do you want to develop? When do you get help?
  • Techniques from business benefit to delivery.
  • What challenges do you see in your company regarding the Scrum / Agile concept?
  • Large-scale Scrum, from the team to the company.


After completing the course, you will be able to become a Professional Scrum Product Owner level 1 (PSPO I) at The course price includes one attempt to get certified. After completing the training, you will receive a code for accessing the web-based assessment.