Large Scaled Agile for Teams

Large Scaled Agile for Teams

one day practical training to get your teams started

As the Agile approach is widely established at the team level, there is a growing need to scale up and unleash the power of many teams delivering together.

The challenge has been about managing resources for projects and letting project managers coordinate deliveries. In a large-scale Agile setup, the teams can instead work from a common backlog and coordinate the work together. In this way, an optimal flow is achieved based on the best business prioritization.


This is a full-day course for those of you who work, or will soon work, Agile on a large scale. The purpose is to give all team members a practical overview of the responsibilities they are expected to take. The course complements most Agile training that focuses more on why, values, principles, and offer certification. Sometimes it is good to start with this course, get started, and then take a certification course.

The course is primarily based on the well-known frameworks Scrum and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). It means a stable base and the same vocabulary that most organizations use. Through clear examples and fun exercises, the participants gain useful knowledge of the entire development flow.

Through the concept “Training from the back of the room,” the participants will be involved in a learning process that creates insight and lasting knowledge. All course modules have been designed to include theory, practical exercise, dialogue, and reflection in accordance with our training concept.

In most organizations, the English concepts of the frameworks are used. Therefore the course material is in English. During the course, we will speak Swedish or English depending on what we agree on in class.

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Target audience

The following individuals benefit from taking the course:

  • Team members who want to be part of a successful and large-scale Agile organization
  • Scrum Masters and Chief-Scrum Masters who need to be on top of the team’s practical work
  • Lean-Agil leaders who work closely with the teams from start to a mature Agile delivery organization.


Everyone is welcome to attend the course regardless of experience. But we recommend that you are familiar with the following concepts:

  • Roles, Artifacts, and Events in the Scrum framework
  • The basics of a team of teams setup
  • Big room planning

Come prepared by reading the Scrum Guide at and familiarize yourself with the big picture at Click on the image of Agile Release Train (team of teams) and PI Planning (Big room planning) and read more about the concepts.

Topics covered

The course covers the basic large-scale level useful in an Agile delivery organization from about 15 to 100 individuals. The following topics are included:

  • Roles and activities
  • Product development flow
  • Large-scale product backlog
  • DevOps and continuous delivery
  • Big room planning
  • Scrum of Scrums
  • Relentless improvements
  • The most important principles and their meaning.

Learning goals

After the course, participants should have a good understanding of the team’s role in a Large Agile organization and:

  • know what the most critical concepts mean in practice
  • understand the roles inside and outside the team
  • contribute to creating a backlog designed to increase delivery capacity
  • be able to prepare and carry out a “Big room planning” together with other teams
  • be able to follow up and adjust the development work for an optimal delivery
  • be able to participate actively in the large-scale improvement work.