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BDD is happy to announce that our Senior Partner Mikael Broomé has met the high standards of Scaled Agile and has qualified for the SAFe SPCT Program.

Scaled Agile’s highly esteemed SPCT Program to become a certified SPCT trainer is a rigorous process where Mikael has to demonstrate superior knowledge, competency, and in-depth field experience in implementing the Scaled Agile Framework®. An SPCT, the highest certification level of the SAFe framework, is a leading change agent, trainer, and coach who can handle the most challenging SAFe implementations.

Mikael has a strong passion for relentlessly exploring ways to understand and support customer challenges at a deeper level to be more helpful. His designation as SPCT Candidate is a confirmation of his solid skills and experience in acting as an Advisor, Trainer, and Speaker in a product development context, uncertain in its nature.

The path to becoming a SAFe SPCT

In the image below, you can follow the path to becoming a certified SAFe SPCT and the status of Mikael’s efforts. As part of this exclusive program, Mikael will continue to grow as Trainer and Advisor with unique support from Scaled Agile.

Mikael Broomé from Business Driven Development qualified for the SPCT Program

BDD is a competent transformation partner

When Mikael becomes a SAFe SPCT, BDD will be the first company in Sweden to have more than one SPCT. In September 2020, Ola Gedenryd became a certified SAFe SPCT, and hopefully, Mikael Broomé will be the third SPCT in Sweden.

BDD believes that SAFe is the most effective framework for any organization to Achieve Business Agility. According to the annual State of Agile Report,  SAFe is the most widely-used approach to scaling agile. With Mikael Broomé’s qualification for the SPCT Program, the collective knowledge of BDD is further advanced.

Mikael’s contribution as an SPCT candidate

Mikael is a recurring speaker at Agile events and has contributed informative material on Lean-Agile concepts such as several episodes about PI Objectives. As a part of getting qualified for the SPCT Program, Mikael Broomé’s ability to coach and inform has been essential.

If you are looking for qualified assistance to get real business outcomes in your SAFe journey, reach out to Mikael (

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