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The demand for our premium advisory services and training within agile transformations keeps on growing steadily. BDD distinguishes itself by exclusively offering highly skilled lean/agile coaches and trainers, all powered by solid practical experience.

In extending that offering, we can pleasantly welcome Mikael Broomé to our team in Stockholm.

Mikael has relentlessly improved software-intensive product development for more than 20 years and been a critical contributor to numerous agile journeys. From his 13 PIs as Release Train Engineer, he brings to BDD a truly deep understanding of large-scale execution.

He is also a very appreciated speaker on large scaled agile topics with a track record including the Global SAFe Summit in US.

Additionally, as a very appreciated and highly rated trainer, he increases our offering of premium lean-agile trainings in Stockholm.

More information on Mikael is found on our team page.

BDD has offices in Gothenburg, Malmö and Linköping. Established in 2004, BDD has enabled a large number of organizations to achieve valuable outcomes with their agile transformations.

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