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Would you like to improve the collaboration between the Teams and the Business Owners on your Agile Release Train?

In this first episode I outline what kind of collaboration I have been striving for as Release Train Engineer for 13 PIs. I also provide an overview to the various topics contained in this video series.

I explore the art of defining PI Objectives by sharing examples of the challenges I faced and what we did to address them. You will see both some quick fixes and some improvements we had to work on for a while.

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Two scenarios

In this part of the video I describe how different the collaboration between Business Owners and Teams can be during PI Planning.

The two different scenarios are clearly distinguished when broken down into the factors I list:

How PI Objectives are connected to Strategic Themes in the conversation

How well the Team can follow and understand the reasoning about Business Value

How much both parties value the conversation

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Defining PI Objectives

I share how my teams dealt with the PI Objectives in the early PI Plannings.

Back then, I introduced this simple poster to emphasize the basics.

Examples in my video show how we tried to more clearly describe the state to achieve in the PI Objectives.

To be clear on the outcome – the value to the organization, is even harder.

I give one example in the video where the outcome was suddenly clear during the review and we rephrased the PI Objective to reflect that.

In summary, my advice for PI Objectives, is to describe the Outcome rather than the Output and to have a Clear State in the Objective.

Next Episode

Don’t miss the next episode exploring Uncommitted Objectives and how to achieve a Collaborative Conversation between the Business Owners and Team.

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